Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day Eight of Nutrition Challenge

Basically, after an entire weekend of eating raw and cooked is good. I presumed the weekend would be difficult to continue eating clean. Like most people, I like to slurge a little during the weekend. You see, my friends often times motivate me to drink a glass or two of alcohol. But, am delighted to say that was not the case. Although, I may have overindulged on sweet potato fries instead. I guess the fries aren't so bad since they're sweet potatoes, right?.

As I continue to 'eat clean' -- I find food to be overrated. You know--all that rich and fancy food. Although it is important to consume a balanced diet, rich in fruits and vegetables my desire to randomly eat out is no longer an issue. After a week, no way have i been converted to just eating raw foods. But, I am saying it has started to help me see my abdominal muscles again! Ok...the photo above is not me but it's my motivation.

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