Friday, January 23, 2009

Day Five of Nutrition Challenge

Can you believe the first week on this plan is almost behind us? Still, without hesitation, my journey on 'Give Me Body Nutritional Plan' hasn't slowed me down. If anything, I made it a point to plan every single meal and snack. My initial thoughts were "what-if?; and what-if-that? With all the "what-ifs" in the world, it came to me that nothing can change my outcome when there's preparation...yes, mental preparedness. In talking with others on the plan, it had become apparent, people wanted to drop off. And, return to eating processed food, slurping on refined sugar and overdosing on caffeine. You see, this guy whispered to me that his body had slowed down, and if it continued he'd be off this plan in a heart beat.

People listen-up!!! Your feelings of weakness, tiredness, sluggishness, hunger and sleepiness is not due to this nutritional plan. Lets be clear and REAL. This plan basically asked you to avoid white, processed and fried foods. You are not forced to restrict calories or eat specially boxed foods. So, if you are experiencing the traits listed above it simply means you are not eating enough, eating balanced meals or getting enough sleep. I am no different than you. On this plan, my caloric intake has been plentiful. There's a host of recipes around that corresponds with the approved foods on this plan. Give yourself a break over the next two weeks. Don't complain about the way you look and feel if you're not willing to eat better. Did I just say that?

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