Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Day Three of Nutrition Challenge

It's the end of Day three on my 'Give Me Body' Nutritional Plan. Still, it is going well for me. For others participating on the plan, things appear different. While it's obvious (according to comments) not everyone eats enough veggies daily, unfortunately, based on attitudes it seems this plan may not change their behavior. However, I believe a change may occur by the close of this challenge. Something has to change!

Think about it. In 24 hours some of us exercise 30 minutes to 2 hours in a day...leaving about 22 hours to do as we please. So when i hear words like taste, convenience and serving size as reasons not to complete the plan it surprises me. I believe, often times, it takes giving up something to get somethings you want. I am excited so many people are participating on this plan. Although some of them have tweaked the plan to fit their lifestyle. The nutrition plan as-is is strongly encouraged, BUT learning to make more conscious decisions is very important too.

For those folks who think I am prefect...well I am not! On day three -- I had a slip up. You see, I had this last container of yogurt. To prevent it from going bad, this morning I broke down and ate it. I have not had to break the rules until today. Of course, there's no plan to break it again. I expect the next two and a half weeks to move pretty quickly. Actually, my diet is not too far from this plan. Like others, there's still foods and ingredients I need to be replace in my diet.
I am having fun making more controlled food choices.
My work days are long. And these pretty much prevents me from cooking during middle of the week. It is important for me to carefully plan each day. A key to being successful on this plan or any other program is to plan ahead. This way, you will not be subjected to poor behavior.

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