Monday, January 19, 2009

Day One of 21-Day Nutrition Challenge

Wow! I am excited about my new Give Me Body Nutritional Plan.

Today is the first day on the plan with 20 more to go. First off, I asked a group of folks (clients, friends even strangers) to join me on my crusade to eat better, lose weight, burn fat, did I say build muscle too? Boy, did I hear a bucket of excuses: "can't do it when traveling, I need my caffiene, no yogurt!, gotta have red meat to where's the chocolate." Who ever said, there's no such thing as excuses -- lied. Listening to buckets of excuses makes me wanna holler. If ever I understood why so many people cloud their own view of reality is -- because of the their own self defeat. Enough said.

My day began with a simple breakfast of oatmeal with raisins, honey and soymilk. Then, I added a delicious red grapefruit and egg whites. Ohhhh, it tasted so g-o-o-o-o-d! Wait, I had a tablespoon of peanut butter too. Actually, my day wasn't bad at all. My food choices kept my belly fulfilled. Of course, there were times when I thought binging would be an option. Don't get it twisted, I really wasn't considering doing something so silly. Adding a smoothie to my day help break my need for something sweet (strawberries, orange juice, soymilk and honey). Thanks to the nation's observance of Martin Luther King, Jr, my workday ended earlier than usual. Trust me when I say it made for an awesome first day. Although, I did manage to work-in a bout of strength training and 40 minutes of cardio.
To all the people who doubt their ability to drop-kick their own poor diet, should re-evaluate what's important. The reason why I chose to share my experiences on Give Me Body Nutritional Plan is to motivate and educate others.
I will be blogging my experiences 3 days a week until the plan ends on February 8.

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